Friday, 31 October 2014

Messi impressions, Barca's truest secret weapon.

The recent trend of labelling lionel messi as an underperformer is by no means detrimental to the player himself. Often times we tend to be swayed by the narratives and usurp others views on a player, referring to statistics and thus comparing other people's statistical standards when evaluating a player's contribution in a game. The basic skillset of a player's in-game prowess is often overlooked for the more valued actual assist and goal stats, hence nullifying the undeniable importance of build-up and link-up play. In a footballing era that has been dominated by Messi and his Vice, any flawed performance by either of both will ultimately lead to the unbalance scale of opinions, condemning them to the ever damning feat of ordinary. Severely touted as being in decline and unrepropductive. Messi's case has been worse, because pundits have certainly pulled him from his God height, forgetting how close he was to winning the world cup. But the footballing world is unforgiving especially when an event falls into the logical explanations of IFs. If messi's sublime pass in that final and prior had been met with equal brilliance, our statistical perspectives would be changed. However, its not totally the end of the world for messi, if anything, it is a positive because, undermining a total genius and underwhelming your concentration in his abilities will effectively erupt his nucleus nature. So often we forget the barrage of on-field assault and walls he has to face, always players assigned to man-mark him to curtail his effect. Here is hoping that his recent criticisms help stimulate the mechanics of laxity in opponents attentive nature towards him. Heres hoping he becomes ordinary to that level of not being hacked and man-marked. Viva messi

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Catalunya struggles as the catalyst for el clasico defeat (logical breakdown)

Barely some lingering minutes after the clasico classic that is suppose to settle all classics, new Barca boss Luis Enrique is going to have to explain to the disbeleiving world how a marauding machine like fcbarcelona, came not for the first time, to a grinding halt, against a Madrid team they are suppose to pick apart. The tone was set for a classic clasico for the blaugranas as they have their talismanic icon chasing a bernabeu ovation in hopes for equaling and thus effectively leading the most la Liga goal of all time, and also welcoming their summer acquisition Luis suarez from a biting ban and by so doing hoping to continue a decade-long tradition of clasico debutants scoring against Madrid. This fixture, unlike many others convey two sides with reversal identities, cultural heritage and nationalist beliefs. Barcelona is often seen as the pride of the catalunya community that has so bravely fought for independence from Spain. while we must not confuse football for politics, barca has in the recent past declared its utmost backing for the catalunya's Spanish break. Hence, punting this fixture to more of a nationalist movement than just a game of two hyper-eccentric sides looking to wow the world with best selling talents. Usually in games like this, team shape, players form, tactical tweaks, availability of auto-alternatives and ofcourse a keen eye for victory is usually the basic criteria for selecting the matchday team. Barcelona's matchday squad was; Bravo, Alves, Pique!, Masche, mathieu xavi!, busquets, iniesta, suarez, messi and neymar. Now looking at the matchday line-up would instantly bring something to mind, possessive control which is the basic barca plan. But a second look will toss you into a nationalist sight of things. Now how does struggle look without its usual emblem? Not so good i guess. The midfield trio of xavi-iniesta-busquets, would in earlier times bully and boss the game versus Madrid but not this time. Especially since the trio have been relegated to minimal cameo appearances this season and more importantly inconsistent together, especially in applying much needed intensity that Ivan brings. And a backline that looks more makeshift than the side that had yet to concede a singular goal in the league until today. Luis Enrique would pick this line up time and again especially to justify today's howler, but the upperhand lesson learnt must be, football scores are not gotten by countrymen pushing for independence and your opponents do not concede possession by applying political pressure.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mes que un club or just another club?
Over the course of the past season, eyebrows has been raised about FcBarcelona's credentials. A certain 7-0 aggregate loss to bayern Munich open the flood gates for criticisms. And a Lionel messi's injury sentenced the whole board room into tantrum as accusations for mismanagement and lack of credible replacements.

It is said that people react differently to pressure, some excel with it, others crack under it, while others simply avoid it. The next bit of business from Barcelona will make for a critical review as to whether or not we have cracked under the pressure.
Due to the heavy criticism, the club kick-start the transfer market with the quisition of the long courted Neymar, though early suspicions as to whether or not he'll perform seems a long time ago as the Brazilian has wowed throughout the soon to be concluded confederations cup.
Now, why would a mother nurture a baby right from infantry and prematurely discard the baby just before he can reciprocate the gesture? Such is the case of Eric Abidal. I know he's a far cry from what he used to be before the transplant but is he not worth having another season at the camp nou he so bravely fought to return to? If not for anything but for symbolism?
Why is thiago alcantara being allowed to go? Wasn't he the clubs future? The heir apparent to iniesta's midfield position? Or have we lost fate in the system that we created?. So many questions yet unanswered, yet so many questions still to be asked.

But one thing is certain, Sandro Rosell doesn't care for the club's moral standings, all he wants is a good competitive economic standing. Its hard to blame him really, because Fcbarca fans are highly pampered. But one major concern arise from this;
if thiago is sold to Manchester united and another player is easily discarded like Eric abidal, barca run the risk of having an influx of trans fer requests as players such as Gerard Deolufoe, Sergi Roberto and even Marc batra will look to other clubs for more consistent football.

So here's the big question, mes que un club or just another profit oriented club???
Jun 29

Friday, 28 June 2013

its been a while, two years ago is it? honestly wn started this page I though mayt by now we wuld be up there with the big boys and never for once thought would be typing this so sorry for ending the early promises early and its kinda sad to have missed sme of the key events (not to exclude the 7-0 drubbing by bayern). so pep left and Tito took over and it wasn't all rosy but we did great.

s this an apology to all of you who vsited this page in hpes of adding to your th  fcbarcelona read, starting  today going to try and make up to you guys. We have great admins that you wow your minds with their extraordinary penmanship.

So sit back and get ready to be blown into bits with the most enchanting footballing analysis and unbiased devoted comments from our fans and admires. We are football and we love what we do. Stay safe and let the game roll! till then remain fcbacelona and Yve me. vva barca

Saturday, 30 July 2011

I was in my turf hearing a bunch of "football-fanatics-but-no-barca-supporters" go at it in a heated football conversation, and i thought to my self while not write a blog as to how barca is viewed from a neutrals point of view.

Its so damning to know that people actually see barca differently and more painful is the fact that no two people can give a definite conclusion as to what barca stands for.
Sometimes, in matches that i run out of superlatives to describe our sleek football, people just come up with one name "cheats". and when one of the players are super-briliant (often times lionel messi) red card is the verse and weak defence is the chorus.

According to a good friend of mine(who happens to be a chelsea fan) "remove messi, xavi and iniesta and barca will be short of brilliance. And without xavi, messi is just another good player thats not so special without the ball. Have u seen how he plays for argentina?" i got to the thinking how far from the truth is he.
Fcbarcelona spends a lot of money on transfers and still boasts of the world best youth system? What a laugh! Tell me what happened to chyngryskiy, caceres, hleb, ibrahim at this point he was yelling i don't really know if he meant ibrahimovic or affelay. Exclaimed a red devil fan.

It was at that point that i realised i needed to ask the people that actually know football.
So here i am in front of all you good people and football lovers, what do you think of fcbarcelona?......kesi2hotty